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MAN-G Design and Construction

“MAN-G Design and Construction” has made lots of innovations and startups in the construction sector of Azerbaijan for so long with its high professionalism and experience. Many governmental strategic premises, offices, 5-storey residential buildings and individual structures built in Baku and nearby regions during the 90s were constructed by the founders of the present company. The company management already transmitted to the 2nd generation has expressed particular approach to this mission and acquired all specifics of the construction and civil engineering sector within higher education in the Federal Republic of Germany. European and German punctuality is being preserved both in the company’s management system and in the work performed at the site and construction areas.
Other works related to construction, maintenance, interior and exterior design, landscape, reconstruction and demolition are also carried out by our company with high sensibility. If all standards and norms are followed in the premises provided for the construction or maintenance as per the abovementioned directions then an effective, healthy, and long-lasting outcome will be delivered.
Our country is improving day by day; this progress is more evident in the construction sector. Each of us has the opportunity to benefit from this improvement. If you have a project on your mind you have dreamed about, construction or repair you have planned for so long, come to “MAN-G Design and Construction”, meet and discuss with us. We will live up to your expectations through our prompt and quality work!
Our services
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The term of construction has a very broad meaning and is a field which is constantly being renewed. It mainly means foundational construction. Even companies operating in this area often use this term in their own names.
Interior Design
Interior design is a field which expresses the outlook, lifestyle of a person and in which they can feel comfortable around.
Landscape Design
Nature, greenery and decorative trees are preferred more in the individual buildings, projects made in recent years.
Repair means capital or partial change, renovation of the existing structure or premises. . Repair works can be carried out in widely different styles according to the time and request.
Exterior Design
We are the people always paying attention to our appearance. It applies to all spheres. We wish that the exterior of the house, building where we live, our workplace, and other places we go would always look perfect.
Draft Design
Draft design is a form in which first ideas of the customer and company are gathered. This includes draft design, structure of general outlay, plan of floors, look of façades, perspective view, necessary cuttings, roof plan, etc.

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MAN-G Design & Construction

Based on the long-term business experience and market awareness ``MAN-G Design & Construction`` Company renders convenient and advanced services in the spheres such as Construction and Repair, Draft design, Project planning, Landscape design, Interior design, Exterior design.